Word Study: Deeds

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Word Study:  Deeds (This study was created using NASV. Other versions use things, wonders, or works instead of deeds) The deeds of the Lord are? 2 Samuel 7:23 Psalm 65:5 Daniel 9:8 1 Chronicles 16:12, 16:24 Psalm 71:16, 17 Psalm 150:2 Psalm 103:6 Psalm 145: 17 Nehemiah 9:17 Psalm 106:2   What shall we do with God’s deeds? 1 Chronicles 16:8 Psalm 9:11 Psalm 77:11,12 Judges 5:11 1 Chronicles 16:12 Psalm 96:3 Psalm 66: 5 Psalm … [Read more...]

Our Deeds of Devotion

Mother and Son Reading Bible Together

Often we hear this phrase: "She has devoted her whole life to…" Fill in the blank. To her career, to her family, to her garden—the list could go on and on. It is not wrong to be committed to any of these things. In fact, we are commanded to be devoted wives, mothers, and diligent workers in all we do, but to devote our whole being to these things? That is simply not who we are called to be. We are called to love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, and soul (Matthew 22:37). Instead of … [Read more...]

Our God is Able


When I was about 9 years old our family went on a weekend camping trip to Lake Texoma. My two sisters and I were playing in the water with my little sister holding onto one of those big hippity hop balls that has a handle. Suddenly a wave came and pushed it out of her little hands. It began to float away from the shore. She let out a shriek that her ball was floating away. Telling her not to worry, I began to swim after the ball. Soon I was close enough I thought I could grab hold of the handle, … [Read more...]

Match Day


My friend from high school, who is on track to be a doctor, recently shared something with me that I found strange. She was anxiously awaiting the annual "Match Day," when medical students who are about to graduate from medical school receive their residency assignments—where they will live, what they will study—for the next five years. After they complete as many interviews as they can, all the students submit a list of their top picks. At the same time, the hospitals list candidates they would … [Read more...]

What are you known for?


What are you known for? Everyone is known for something: whether we like it or not. We subconsciously put labels on people without even trying. So, are you known for being kind, joyful, hospitable or giving; or are you known for being a gossip, unwilling to help, unfriendly, or for not being submissive? Have you ever stopped to think about it? I know I have. Some labels make me feel good about myself and others simply do not. When we stop to think about our reputation, we need to consider what … [Read more...]

Deeds of Devotion


Praise Have you ever considered that every Sunday, God is worshipped for a full 24 hours straight? That His children gather together and sing praises to His name, pray to Him and remember His son with the Lord’s supper for a full 24 hours? For when we are not gathered, others in the world are. And when they are not gathered, we are. So we each take part in this world wide chorus. I find this to be an amazing and humbling thought. "Through Him then, let us continually offer up a sacrifice … [Read more...]

Utter Chaos


 You look around you, and all you can see is utter chaos. Objects are out of place, everyone and everything is in disarray, and you are not able to identify faces due to the billowing of smoke. No, I am not talking about the aftermath of a warzone, I am talking about your house. Both dishes and laundry are waiting to be done, and have been for a couple of days now. You discover you really have a gift when it comes to the game of "Hop Scotch", as you maneuver between the toys on the floor like a … [Read more...]



Rocks here, Rocks there, Rocks, rocks everywhere. Some large, some small, The Lord made them all. In the Bible, rocks are mentioned many times, Recording events that changed men’s lives. Jacob, on his way to Padan Aram to find a wife, Chose a certain place to spend the night, Laid his head on a rock and went to sleep; In a dream, God promised him many descendants. Moses was kept out of the Promised Land, By disobeying God’s command. When the children of Israel became thirsty, He … [Read more...]

Jesus Christ, The Chief Cornerstone


In Old Testament Israel the cornerstone of each building was the chief stone from which every single measurement of the entire building was made. The cornerstone itself must, of necessity, be perfectly formed with every corner and side at 90 degrees from all others. The stone hewers were called stone squarers. The stones had to be laid perfectly level on every side. Any deviation in the form or arrangement of the cornerstone would be reflected in the entire building. Cornerstones have always … [Read more...]

Are you a Stumbling Block?


"Thou shalt not curse the deaf, nor put a stumbling block before the blind, but shalt fear thy God: I am the Lord" (Lev. 19:14). Most rational human beings would never imagine such wickedness as to cause a blind man to fall, yet they may mock him. How many times have you seen someone who ridiculed a deaf person or others who were handicapped? Some may be like the children who mocked Elisha (2 Kings 2:23-24). Was it a sin for Elisha to curse those children? We are not told, but we can read … [Read more...]