About FWNL

FWNL.ORG is a website. Its not a business, its not an institution, its not a non-profit or a for profit organization. It is a website with articles written by Christians about various topics paid for by individual Christians. If you like a particular article please feel free to link to it, share it on social media, or print it and share it with your friends. We hope that you find the material here valuable and that together we can grow in the word.

If you dislike a particular article please feel free contact us. Know that it is not our intention to argue over matters of opinion. For instance, what color was Jesus’s eyes is not a question that will determine your adherence to the scriptures. We will be glad to discuss opinion but we would rather resolve issues found in scripture. And once a particular topic is proven by scripture its not much worth arguing over. So, with brotherly love in mind, please feel free to expound on a topic we have discussed, correct something from scripture we have made an error on, or apply the teachings of this page to your life.