The Gory Details

As you may or may not know “Faithful Woman Newsletter’s” last printed publication was 2 years ago this month (January 2015). While many people have asked for the “gory details,” we have remained relatively silent about the whole ordeal. With the exception of a handful of very close friends, we decided to “allow the benefit of doubt”, and let time tell if our observations were in fact true. Sadly, we have found them to be so. And even among these few friends some of the details were so unbelievable, so unimaginable, so unplausible that it was hard to hear, it was even harder to understand, and even still harder to accept; even holding the proof. Some of those friends, we had to stop discussing it with altogether because we recognized that if the small percentage of the details we did share caused so much emotional stress upon them we could only imagine what the “whole truck load” could potentially do to their faith. One asked us to give them some time to try and “work things out” for us. At one point someone asked us to give them a year… So, if someone asks you to walk one mile with them… As of today, we gave them two… and, we have seen no measurable success. Not that it is anyone’s business but ours, it seems important to note, last month we finally paid off the last of the debts that Faithful Woman Newsletter incurred in its 8 years of production. Again, this has been a painful process, one that we would wish on no one, however, it happened. And, we feel an obligation to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Lord willing, over the next few days, weeks, months, and even years, we (and several guests) will be writing various articles about a host of topics that we feel are corrupting the church. In these articles, you will find hints about “what went wrong”, “how it should have been different”, and “how to ward off these problems in the future” at not only the congregation we left but also similar experiences others have had at various other congregations around the world. Some will ask “why bring it back up?”, “why not let it go?”, and “what do you hope to gain?”… And the answer is simple: We all want to see the church grow, we all want to see the church be scriptural in everything it does, and we hope to ensure eternal salvation for everyone in the world. As long as people keep silently walking away, refusing to “tell the whole truth” to the “the whole church”, and excepting unscriptural activities as acceptable, then people will continually be hurt, alone, and even in some cases lost.

While you read through some of the articles, details of what happened will become apparent that we are still very much hurt emotionally, financially, and yes, even spiritually. We have held off on this project for two years for men who claim to be spiritually minded, who claim to be scripturally qualified, to stand for what is right. Instead we have seen the opposite: hiding behind a title of self-willed pride and demanding scriptural justification for unscriptural actions. And though our last meeting ended with a promise of another meeting “in two weeks”… it is apparent that after two years nothing will ever happen. It is clear to us that these men were glad to be rid of us irregardless of our faith, our family, or our future.

Some will be frustrated with us that we did not share these things sooner. Some will be frustrated that we didn’t wait longer. Some may even be frustrated that we didn’t share directly with them. Believe us when we say: we wanted to. And while we certainly accept blame and wholeheartedly apologize for the errors that we have participated in… we strive to repent, on a daily basis, so that we may be worthy to call our self Christ’s.

Thank you so much for your patience as we try and work through much of this. If you see something that you believe to be unscriptural, please please please send us a message. If you have a question about something, send us a question. If you just want to vent and complain about something that is going on and you need someone to vent it too… by all means, send us a message. The purpose of this new site is to deal with many issues we are all seeing in the church today. Hopefully together we can resolve these issues if they are already occurring, or prevent them all together.